Understanding Advanced Search using Google Search Alison Course GLOBAL - Digital Certificate

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Learn about power searching with Google and other advanced techniques. Google Search is the most widely used search engine on the Web and processes several hundred million search queries every day. However, there is a level of sophistication, namely Google advanced searches, that most people don't know about and therefore don't use. Using the advanced search features on Google Search would greatly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the search process for all users. This course will demonstrate power searching with Google and give practical examples of how to use them. This course will give you a clearer understanding of how Google Search works, why word order matters, how to read the Search Engine Results page, how to remove invasive results, and how to use WHOIS and look for other Google search tips. You will also get a clear knowledge and understanding of how to use features such as conversions, the calculator, search-by-image, and translation services. You will see examples of how combining these techniques together will give you much more effective search results in a faster time.This course will be of great interest to all users who use Google Search in a professional capacity as they will learn how to input more specific search queries and obtain more relevant search results in a faster time, and to individuals who want to learn Google advanced search tips and techniques about improving their search process.

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