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Experience the wackiest simulation everImagine a SimCity game taking place not in a sunny, green-colored world, but instead located somewhere in a subterranean asteroid. Seems incredible? Not for the developers from Kiel Development. The Canadian studio, known best from Mark of the Ninja or Don’t Starve, offers us a new space colony simulation. Oxygen Not Included takes the player on a crazy, sci-fi journey to an outer space, where somewhere under the asteroid three protagonists literally fight for their lives. Those, who played Fallout Shelter, will catch on the convention quickly. According to Johann Seidenz, the design lead, Oxygen Not Included was inspired also by Dwarf Fortress, Prison Architect, and The Sims series.Cut your coat according to your clothManaging and taking care of these brave colonists can be a tough task, as you must control their hunger, waste, and oxygen levels to keep them alive. The situation will get even harder when you’ll be finding out new development opportunities, of course indispensably connected with some challenges and tasks to perform. These will include i.e. mining for resources, growing food, crafting equipment or researching new technologies. Of course, with the game progress, some new members of your crew will be introduced, each of them coming with his or her set of abilities and peculiarities. Remember to manage them wisely, properly disposing and prioritizing tasks, as one mistake can result in a spectacular explosion or gas poisoning.Oxygen Not Included gameplaySimilarly to the abovementioned Fallout Shelter, Oxygen Not Included features a 2D world, seen from the sideways perspective. The title distinguishes itself with the funky, cartoon-like portrait of world, that may seem familiar to those who played previous Klei Entertainment game, Don’t Starve. The whole game is of course laced with a solid dose of Canadian sense of humor. Released for PC, Oxygen Not Included is available on Steam. The 2D world gameplay does not demand any sophisticated PC parameters, however be prepared that as the game progresses, more and more data has to be processed, therefore reasonable RAM memory may become particularly useful.

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