3Pcs Spirograph Geometric Ruler Learning Drawing Tool Stationery for Student Drawing Set

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Method of use: Choose any external gear, In the two inner circle You can draw different graphics Right hand holding a ball-point pen insert pen perpendicular to the paper, in a certain direction, to draw a beautiful curve pattern pattern. Note that the internal and external tooth should always rely on tight. Need to change into another or more than two gears, gear were successively on the original painting, constitute a more complex patterns, pay attention to, when to change gear, don't letinternal gear to move. Use combination illustration, can draw ten million different decorative pattern curve pattern. If use different color painting pen cap, decorative pattern looks more beautiful. Primary school students the best intelligence toys, can cultivate the habit of corretly. Hands and brain, the development intelligence, the fun. Can easy to quickly draw a complex pattern tens of thousands of fantasy. Can free combination, more play to space. Specification: Material: Plastic Size: 20cm x 9.9cm Color: Four different colours Note: We do not offer color choice ,Your order will be sent in colors at random. Package Included: 3 x Spirograph Detail pictures:

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