360 Degree PIR Motion Sensor Switch Sensor Detector Light Switch

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360 Degree PIR Motion Sensor Switch Sensor Detector Light Switch Features: 1,Using the automatic control product of infrared technology,when people walk into the sensor range,and the sensor can detect the spectral change of the human body infrared ray,during this time,the switch will connect the load automatically until the person leaves the sensor range; 2, Through the photosensitive control it will not turn on the lights in the daytime or light environment, but also can be adjusted in any lighting environment sensing lights . 3, Status Indicator : Induction effective LED indication, easy to install and failure analysis. 4, New energy-saving switch, adapts integrated circuit and nice sensitivity detector. 5, Incorporates automatism, convenience, energy-saving, safety and practicality. 6, Works by receiving human motion infrared rays. 7, Very convenient to install and using wide range. 8, Functions of power indication and detection indication. Application: 1, Aisle,toilet,basement;warehouse;garage and other place; 2, With the function of theft deterrent. Parameters: 1, Working voltage:200V AC~250V AC 2, Load power: 800W 3, Working temperature: -10-40 4, Delay time: 30 to 300S 5, Detecting range: less than or equal with10 meter, coning angle 120 6, Light control: less than 10 LUX 7, Suggest Installation height: 1.4 to 1.6 meter 8, Load:filament lamp;energy saving lamp;daylight lamp;exhaust fan 9, Installation: Suction point mounting / ceiling mounting 10, Three-wire system. 11, Dimension: Diameter: 86 mm/ Thickness: 38 mm 12, Color: Porcelain white Package included: 1X Sensor Detector Light Switch

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